Developers who want to implement applications using this service are always welcome. It is very easy to use the interfaces to request context models of certain users or to generate learner-related information that can be sent to an interface in order to have a more complete version of the Learning Context Data Model. More information about how to implement for the API can be found in the API documentation. If you encounter some bugs or any other issue with the API, please let us know.

The intention of this project is to gather an almost complete context model of a certain user to support his/her self-reflection in order to improve the productivity or to give valueable feedback and recommendation about previous or future learning units. Performance rating for third-parties is in way the purpose of this project. Its aim is to improve (mobile) learning with the help of context information. Therefore, not every information should be logged. There should be a reason for everything and this should also be explained to the users. In the end, it's their data.

As a developer of an application, you will need an API key to use the interfaces. You can request one key which has to be approved manually before you can get started. If you need any help with the API, there are some examples (e.g. PHP or Java) and also some classes/libraries to support you.