IVAP (Thomas Honnè)

To improve the motivation of the students and to support them in self-reflection is a strong drive in the field oflearning analytics. The aim is to provide students with an overview of how they spend their time and to ensure that "distractions" are identified at an early stage to improve the productivity. This implementation deals with how information about a student can be processed and represented visually in order to assist self-reflection. It also addresses the technical options of visualization on websites.

SmartDay (Christian Janßen)

SmartDay_build_12.apk (Android 4.0.3)

The lack of possibilities to check what has been done with the smartphone may unconsciously lead to a distracting use of it. Because keeping track of all activities is extremely difficult and the total time of the daily usages is normally unknown. There exists a need of a structured overview which provides information about time, location and applications to get a self reflecting impression about one’s daily mobile activities. This application shows what is possible with the help of already existent graphical views and with the creation of new views. All those views should differ from each other and show different possibilities in visualizing informations of one’s daily activities while each one could be used as a stand alone self reflecting view. Those visualized information is presented in various ways and can be filtered by different criteria within a clear, intuitive graphical user interface.