Here are some examples of applications that gather context information and use this service to store everything in order to generate a user profile.

BigBrother (Hendrik Thüs)

BigBrother_build_13.apk (Android 4.1.2)

(Important: If you are using Android 5 and higher, go to Settings - Security - Apps with usage access and activate BigBrother)

The Android-based BigBrother application was the first one that has been developed for gathering (mobile) context information. It is based on the Master thesis of Torsten Kammer but it was implemented new from the ground up. The number of functionalities of this application are slowly increasing. As of the current version, the user can decide which data should be logged and he is presented some statistical information about (un)successful transfers of data.

Currently this application logs the following information:

  • Calendar events: once a day, the events of the last day are transferred (title, description, begin, end)
  • Activities: which apps are used for how long
  • Network state: if the device is connected to WiFi, 3G or GPRS
  • Screen: if the screen is turned on or off
  • Pictures: uploads the resized last taken picture
  • Browser history: the URLs of the last visited websites
  • Noise level: detects changes of at least 15 dB in the noise level
  • Location: the current location of the device
  • Airplane Mode: if the device is set to the Airplane Mode
  • Ringer mode: detects if the device is set to silent (vibrate) or not
  • GTalk: detects if Android's GTalk service is conntected
  • Connection change: detects if the device is online or offline
  • Sms receiver: logs the number of incoming sms
  • Phone state: logs meta data about incoming and outgoing calls (number and duration)
  • Accelerometer: logs the force that the device experiences
  • Battery: reads the status of the battery and detects when the device is charged
  • Bluetooth: logs established connections or disconnections with Bluetooth devices
  • Light: logs long-lasting changes of the lighting conditions
  • Proximity: detects whether something is blocking the proximity sensor
  • Videos: logs the names and a thumbnails of the videos that are taken with the camera
  • Music: Triggers when music is played, transmits artist, album and track