In this category, different applications which employ the API are presented. These are applications that on the one hand gather information about a certain learner and store it on a centralized server to create a user profile. On the other hand, there are applications that use these information to visualize everything in a way that is somehow of advantage to the owner of the data. Every application is either a website or an Android application that can be downloaded directly. The required logins are directly coupled to the API of this project, thus, you can use your credentials from this website.


To gather the information that is stored in this project, collector are used. These could be mobile applications, websites or desktop applications that are logging some data in order to generate a user profile that can be used by the other groups of applications (e.g. visualizers oder analyzers).


Visualizers are used to select a certain subset of the gathered information and to display it in an appropriate way in order to give feedback to the user. This allows self-reflection if the user gets to know what he/she has done in a certain period of time.


In order to draw conclusions from the gathered amount of information, analyzers can be used. Sets of data can be visualized in a simple way. But when it comes to giving feedback and recommendations, e.g. clustering or coherence algorithms have to process the data to gain additional information that are not obvious on the first sight.