Data Privacy

First of all: data privacy is very important to us. Since this project is about analysing personal context information, it is crucial that all the users can be sure that we handle everything with care. Please take a look at the text below where we try to explain our aims.


This is a pure scientific project, we do not have any interest in giving any access to the plain data sets to any third party. Our aim is to research how context information can have an impact on the learning and on the every-day activities, supported by today's (mobile) devices.

Secured Data Connection

To keep all the data secure that is transmitted between a client and this server, an SSL connection is used. Since this is a research project which is for scientific purposes only, we didn't buy a certificate of one of the well-known CAs. To prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, we stringly suggest that all the users of this system and all the developers import our root certification authority (rootCA). If you have problems installing the rootCA on your client device, please contact us.

Your Data

We can't point this out enough: your data belongs to you! If you participate in this project, we only borrow your data as long as you allow us to. After the registration, you can start recording context information with the offered collectors. All the data will be stored on this server (and nowhere else; hosted in Germany) and you will have full control over your data. You will be able to delete single data sets, selected parts of data (not yet implemented) or even the whole data set and your account (settings).