This project started in 2012, these are the publications and theses that are published since then:


Authors Title Journal/Conference/Publisher Year PDF
Hendrik Thüs, Mohamed Amine Chatti, Roman Brandt, Ulrik Schroeder Evolution of Interests in the Learning Context Data Model Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2015, Toledo, Spain, September 15–18, 2015, pp. 479-484 2015 EC-TEL%202015%20-%20TCBS.pdf
Hendrik Thüs, Markus Soworka, Philipp Brauner und Ulrik Schroeder Smart Experience Sampling in Android Mobile Learning Workshop, DeLFI 2015 2015 Smart%20Experience%20Sampling%20in%20Android.pdf
Hendrik Thüs, Mohamed Amine Chatti, Christoph Greven, Ulrik Schroeder Kontexterfassung, -modellierung und –auswertung in Lernumgebungen Proceedings der 12. e-Learning Fachtagung Informatik, DeLFI 2014, pp. 157-162. 2014 DeLFI14_HT.pdf
Mohamed Amine Chatti, Darko Dugosija, Hendrik Thüs, Ulrik Schroeder Learner Modeling in Academic Networks Proceedings of The 14th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, ICALT 2014. 2014 /upload/files/publications/ICALT_Ch14.pdf
Hendrik Thüs, Mohamed Amine Chatti, Ulrik Schroeder, Torsten Kammer Kontexterfassung zur Anreicherung mobiler Anwendungen Mobile Learning Workshop, DeLFI 2013 2013 Kontexterfassung%20zur%20Anreicherung%20mobiler%20Anwendungen.pdf
Hendrik Thüs, Mohamed Amine Chatti, Esra Yalcin, Christoph Pallasch, Bogdan Kyryliuk, Togrul Mageramov, Ulrik Schroeder Mobile learning in context International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning, 4(5/6), pp. 332–344 2012 IJTEL40503_Th%C3%BCs%20et%20al.pdf


Author Title Year PDF
Christian Janßen Data Access Management in an Open Learning Environment 2015 ChristianJanssen2.pdf
Alexander Kölsch Nutzerbasierte Zugriffsverwaltung im Learning-Context-Projekt 2015 AlexanderKoelsch.pdf
Markus Soworka Smart Experience Sampling in Android 2015 MarkusSoworka.pdf
Roman Brandt Towards a Lifelong Learner Modeling Framework 2015 RomanBrandt.pdf
Svetoslav Evtimov Individual and Group Interest Mining in Academic Networks 2014 SvetoslavEvtimov.pdf
Elyas Esnaashari Users' Decisions about the Security of Mobile Applications 2014 ElyasEsnaashari.pdf
Xiao Pu Interest Mining in Social Networks 2014 XiaoPu.pdf
Iurii Ignatko Applying Data Mining Techniques to Discover Patterns in Context Activity Data 2013 IuriiIgnatko.pdf
Christian Janßen Native Visualization of Mobile Activity Patterns 2013 ChristianJan%C3%9Fen.pdf
Thomas Honnè Interaktive Visualisierung von Aktivitätsprofilen in Lernumgebungen 2013 ThomasHonne.pdf
Torsten Kammer Capturing Activity Context in Mobile Learning Environments 2013 TorstenKammer.pdf
Esra Yalcin A Framework for Context Capturing in Mobile Learning Environments 2012 EsraYalcin.pdf
Darko Dugosija Lifelong Learner Modeling in Academic Networks 2012 DarkoDugosija.pdf
Marius Klein Lifelong Learner Modeling in Social Networks 2012 MariusKlein.pdf