• 09.12.2015: Uploaded a new version of BigBrother. The old version did not work properly on Android 5 and upwards.
  • 11.11.2015: Sharing of datasets with others is now fully enabled. The module for creating roles and rules for sharing is available in the Management section. The documentation of the API has also been updated.
  • 20.10.2015: Updated the list of publications. Two new papers and two new theses.
  • 16.10.2015: Documentation of the libraries for JavaScript, PHP and Android are now up to date. The libraries are available as version 4.1.
  • 28.07.2015: To keep the semantics of an event, some new rules are introduced. Each category of an event defines required entities that have to be set. The current list of the available categories and their respective required entities can be found in the documentation.
  • 20.07.2015: The paper "Smart Experience Sampling in Android" has been accepted to the Mobile Learning Workshop at DeLFI 2015
  • 22.06.2015: The paper "Evolution of Interests in the Learning Context Data Model" has been accepted as a short paper to EC-TEL 2015
  • 19.05.2015: The version 4 of the API has been publicly released. There are several changes to the backend, take a look at the new documentation of the API.
  • 01.05.2015: The design of this website is new online. We also added some new functionalities to directly embed webbased applications into this website by just providing a URL.
  • 29.04.2015: A new feature is currently under development: learners will be able to share parts of their model with each other. This enables applications to give valuable feedback and to compare different learners for recommendations.
  • 30.03.2014: Added two new finished Master Theses. The first one by Roman Brandt addresses the possibility to import Interests into a learner's data model. The second one by Markus Soworka is about Smart Experience Sampling; a learner is asked frequently about the current emotional state.
  • 08.10.2014: We started working on the new version 4 of our data model and API. More to come shortly.
  • 15.-17.09.2014: Paper presentation, DeLFI 2014
  • The paper "Kontexterfassung, -modellierung und –auswertung in Lernumgebungen" has been accepted to the DeLFI 2014 as a short paper.
  • 15.09.2014: Mobile Learning Workshop at the DeLFI Conference 2014 in Freiburg
    Come by and take part in a hopefully fruitful discussion and presentation of ongoing scientific projects in the field of Mobile Learning
  • 11.08.2014: New libs for supporting JavaScript and Objective-C developers
    With the support of three students, we can now offer two additional libs (for JavaScript and Objective-C) which can be used to implement applications for this project.
  • 05.03.2014: New version of SmartDay
    A new version of the application SmartDay has been uploaded. Some bugs are fixed, UI is improved.
  • 23.01.2014: Enabling and disabling modules
    Modules can now be en- or disabled in the settings. Disabled modules do not appear in the menu anymore.
  • 16.09.2013: New functionalities of this website
    Registered users can now directly request new API keys
    Users can delete all their events and their account completely in the settings
  • 08.09.2013: Mobile Learning Workshop, DeLFI 2013
    Presentation of the workshop paper Kontexterfassung zur Anreicherung mobiler Anwendungen