Learning Context Project

The main aim of the Learning Context Project is to create a user's context model in order to give valuable feedback or recommendations and to allow self-reflection on the daily tasks or learning activities. Nowadays, learning does not necessarily take place at home or in school / university. Due to the vastly growing number of smartphone / tablet users, learning can take place everywhere and every time. Such a scenario creates many new opportunities to improve learning by making use of a set of the various context information that can be gathered by modern (mobile) devices or of information about the learners themselves (e.g. their interests, knowledge or goals).

Data Model Version 2

Our current version 4 of the Learning Context Data Model

In this project, we offer an API that is able to collect context and interest information from different kinds of devices and to generate a data model that can be used to improve the learning experience of a learner. Due to the fact that such information is highly personal, we are currently working on mechanisms to ensure the safety of all the data sets so that no third-party will be able to read the information. Nevertheless, all the users' profiles are pseudonymized so that no data can be traced back to them. More information can be found in our Data Privacy section.

Since this is a scientific project, we want to keep everything as open as possible, but due to the current status of this project, we'd like to release the source code after everything is final. We also publish our findings in a regular basis in our publications section. Nevertheless, if you have any questions, hints or suggestions for improvement, don't hesitate to drop us a line. You can also participate in this project by implementing a (web-based, desktop-based or mobile) application that makes use of the proposed API. The current status of this project and additional information, like presentations, can be found in the activities section.

This project is part of the BMBF project PRiME (Professional Reflective Mobile Personal Learning Environment).